Defining The “Right” Content for Your Business


The right content is profitable, but this requires great skill in combining SEO with writing that people actually want to read. There are some tips that you must keep in mind to achieve the “perfect” balance today.

It All Begins With Keyword Research

Your keyword research is there to inform and help you improve your content. While doing your research, take the time to allow it to define your angle and give you a deeper understanding of what your customers are searching for. Content marketing and SEO must work together to get you noticed.

Stop Focusing on Short-Tail Keywords

In the past, you could easily attain high SEO rankings by building your content around your keywords or phrases. However, this led to “thin” content that people weren’t interested in reading. Google’s Panda changed all of this, but some businesses haven’t taken heed. Now, you must focus on creating “thick” content that focuses less on keywords and more on keyword phrases.

Don’t Guest Post Just for the Sake of It

Guest posting is a controversial subject. While this is still a good content marketing strategy, it can no longer be about link-building (something Google frowns upon). So, you need to be very cautious here. Only guest post on sites that have actively engaged social media fans and followers, a large email newsletter, frequent blog posts, high-caliber guest posters, and plenty of links posting to their website.

Watch How You Syndicate Your Content

Since your site needs a lot of content, temptation to syndicate runs high. This doesn’t only give you the content that you need, but it also gets your content seen. However, there’s a correct way to do this so that you’re not penalized by Google. This is via rel=canonical. Make sure that the sites you’re syndicating on is using this element so that you don’t have issues with duplicate content.

Mobile SEO Strategy Requires a Mobile Content Strategy Too

Mobile SEO is vital, but so is mobile content marketing. Therefore, make sure you:

Know where and how people are accessing and using your site

Pay attention to headlines in order to attract these busy people

Understand what type of content these visitors are after

When You’re Still Confused, There’s Help

These things are challenging for someone who doesn’t consider themselves a “wordsmith.” Fortunately, I am here to write this content for you. As you can see by looking through my portfolio, I’ve successfully done this for many clients. Are you next?

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