Being a Freelance Writer Today

I have been doing freelance writing online for around 10 years now. During that time, there have been a lot of changes. Some good, some bad, all have changed the way that I work.

When I first started writing online there was a site around that some of you may still remember: Associated Content. At that site, I could write about anything and get paid for doing so. From there, I went on to write at content mills, which paid well for some time. Unfortunately, after Google’s Panda update most of them crashed and burned. At that point, I was feeling burnt out, and so I decided it was time for me to take a break. It wasn’t that I didn’t write for that period of time. I simply chose to write for myself while working in transcription, which actually helped strengthen my grammar and editing skills.

I’ve been back for a while now writing for private clients and still doing some things for a few of the content mills that are still in existence today. I floundered for a bit, trying freelancing sites where you’d bid for jobs. Soon, I discovered that was a waste of time as people weren’t willing to pay me even a penny a word. I knew that I was a good writer and thus deserved better than that. When telling an online friend how I was feeling, she lit a real fire under me as she laid out for me how lucrative doing your own thing can be. So, I decided to set up my Frugal Living Today domain “the right way” and fix my portfolio at Online Writing Biz.

Now for a new plan of action…

I have both of my domains set up now and will be concentrating on populating them and making money from them. (I will be successful!) Fortunately, I have one good-paying client that I make money off of each day, so I only need to make a little extra along the way. So, I’m doing some transcription and writing a few content mill articles that I grab now and then. Mainly I plan on writing ebooks and PLR content for sale. While I keep saying that I’m going to do this, I really need to make it happen this time. I’ll be sharing with you my plan of writing and forgetting it. I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea to spend much time promoting each product but promoting these two sites (and more that I’ll build in the future) is the way to go instead.

During this time, I’ve noticed that you can no longer be “just a writer.” You also have to be a photographer, website designer, and content marketer. Fortunately, I have most of those skills, to some extent, so I’m now reaching out and giving it a real try. Wish me luck!

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